Pigeon Post

The LASR was delighted to receive photos today from the Two Mikes,pigeon-post-d616011d-9dcc-4ad4-b293-f533f6dda87-resize-750 which arrived courtesy of  their preferred postal method (see image to right).  Apparently they would have been here sooner had the courier not been blown off course somewhere around Lowestoft  – the Editor apologises for the inconvenience.  With no further ado, a pictorial diary of their trip to date:

leaving northolt

Day 1:  Leaving Northolt, packed like Santa’s helpers

park royal a40

Day 1:  Being Good Samaritans at Park Royal on the A40!


House of parliament day 1

Day 1:  Passing the Britain Fission Attrition Commission


Temple place

Day 1: Checking out one of LASR food delivery sites in London

Just off the ferry in rotterdam

Day 2:  Just off the ferry in Rotterdam


Day 2:  Remember the gambolling?  Not completely wrong!


koln cathedral day 3