The London and Slough Run was established in 1984 to support the homeless and people in need.

Each week the charity distributes items such as food, drink, clothing, bedding and toiletries to over three hundred people who come along to the various distribution points situated on the streets of London and Slough.

Staffed solely by volunteers, a key focus is on offering, where possible, support – taking time out to listen to those who are looking for help and who often have no-one else to whom to turn.

The charity’s roots are in Berkshire and latterly, Buckinghamshire and it is from here that the vehicles start out every Monday evening for London and Slough. This is where also the sandwiches and bags of fruit and snacks are prepared during the day.

The people who the charity helps range in age, nationality and circumstance. Often from troubled backgrounds and living on the streets or on the poverty line as the result of redundancy, marital break ups or difficulties coping with everyday life – they are united in their reaching out for some kind of help, be that a sandwich or a smile.

The work of the London and Slough Run also extends to liaising with hostels and day centres, to help people find accommodation and wherever possible, a job.

The charity is entirely dependant on the generosity of its volunteers and its supporters, many of whom come from Burnham, Gerrards Cross, Slough and Marlow and without whom the charity could not operate.

Introducing the London and Slough Run’s Trustees

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  1. Wow what a great organisation. I didn’t know this existed in Slough…though I know there are lots of homeless. I did purchase some food for a homeless older couple last week and it is amazing how many people try to avoid the subject. Good work! I would love to blog about you guys if possible and maybe take some photos to help the cause! Sloughtown xoxo

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