About The London and Slough Run

The London and Slough Run was established in 1984 to support the homeless and people in need. Each week the charity distributes items such as food, drink, clothing, bedding and toiletries to over three hundred people who come along to the various distribution points situated on the streets of London and Slough. Staffed solely by volunteers, a key focus is on offering, where possible, support - taking time out to listen to those who are looking for help and who often have no-one else to whom to turn.

SSH Sleepout Registration

Could you do it? Could you sleep outside in a cardboard box for one night to raise funds for an emergency winter shelter for the homeless in Slough?

Slough Sleepout for the Homeless 2018



We are pleased to announce the Slough Sleepout for the Homeless (SSH) on Saturday 24th November at St Bernards School, Slough, to raise funds specifically to run the Night Shelter for 2019. This is an opportunity for everyone aged 16 or over to get involved, to support those who are less fortunate than ourselves by sleeping outside together, for one night in a cardboard box. The Sleepout will take place in a fully managed, secure environment and we will supply the cardboard box, refreshments and entertainment.

This event is critical to the success of the Slough Winter Night Shelter as it is our main event for raising the funds needed to run the night shelter every night from January to the end of March (typically the coldest months of the winter).

Thanks to our volunteers, Slough council and other bodies, the Slough Winter Night Shelter 2018 was open for 94 consecutive nights to the 1st
April 2018 and was used by 49 guests, 22 of whom went on to find accommodation and
many of them have since found employment. We saw a range of guests use the shelter from entrenched rough sleepers to those who found themselves in need of help for a short time.


To access our My Donate campaign and set up your own fundraising page click here  –

We can’t wait to see you on the night!

The London and Slough Run’s Founder reaches her 100th Birthday

We paid a lovely visit to Phyllis Wallbank, the founder of The London and Slough Run to recognise her 100th Birthday.  She was thrilled to see images of the Winter Night Shelter and to hear how the Charity is progressing. She is very grateful to all our fabulous volunteers for all their efforts in helping to reduce and support the homeless on our streets.