London and Slough Run supporting SHOC

At a recent meeting between Ray Waite, (SHOC), Brid Vaughan and John Power (London and Slough Run), a cheque was presented to SHOC on behalf of the London and Slough Run for £3,000. This was a contribution towards their food costs for the homeless and was the second donation of this kind made by the Charity.

Brid Vaughan presenting the cheque to Ray Waite at SHOC

Brid Vaughan presenting the cheque to Ray Waite at SHOC

In addition to the presentation, there were exploratory discussions between the two Charities and representatives of Slough Borough Council regarding the provision of a temporary Winter Night Shelter in Slough. A similar scheme currently runs in High Wycombe and is a very good template for this project.

Discussions focussed on the need for a winter night shelter in extreme weather and are ongoing, the target dates would be January through to March 2012. The overall purpose being to provide overnight accommodation, an evening meal and breakfast to those most needy who have been referred to the Shelter. Representatives from both Charities are in close consultation with the Wycombe Winter Night Shelter organisation to draw on their experience and understand better the logistics involved in setting this up.

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